Storage Cages

Steel & Metal Storage Cages

Ultralift offers the ultimate products for storage in the apartment and garage. You can select the storage cages from our standard range or you can ask us about the made to measure basement storage cages. We have a wide variety of storage ideas and solutions for your all kinds of need for storage ranging from a simple security cage to a large parking space storage locker. We also have steel cages for storage, wire storage cages, metal cage storage, basement storage cages, garage storage, etc. These storage options are for you to protect your equipment or reduce the noise from the machines like pumps.

Over Bonnet Storage

Garages are usually chaos when it comes to storage but it doesn’t have to be so. Our basement storage cages can help you arrange the space in your garage. Our over bonnet storage system helps you make use of the space that is considered unusable. You can put this box in the space over the bonnet of your car. This allows you to park your car and use the space above it for storage.

Basement Parking Storage Locker

We aim to improve the space, its security and livability and that’s why we offer a wide range of security cages for storage for your garage and basement. You can not only use them to store things in your garage and basement but also use them in spaces like beside the house, in the shed or any other area you don’t use.

Security Cage

We also have welded mesh wire storage cages that are made with high-quality material and recommended thickness. We coat them to protect against rusting and we use zinc plated pins to hold them in place. The gates come with slide bolt locks that are heavy-duty which prevents them from swinging against the hinges. You can cover one area of your garage with our metal cage storage boxes or install them in the space over the bonnet of your car to utilize it. You can also use the mesh partitions to divide the area in your garage, basement or anywhere else in your house.

Our Storage boxes are a perfect way to stay organized and keep your belongings safe. We provide you with a wide range of storage solution at a very competitive price. If you are not sure about what product will be a perfect fit for your needs, you can always ask our experts. We will carefully understand your needs and will suggest you accordingly.

We will also help you with the installation. Our team will measure the space and will provide you with the solution accordingly. In case of any issues, we will send technicians to fix them as well.

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